Friday, 21 March 2014

Do not lose the joy into temptation

Prologue to this post: Having been long time that I publish anything extensive, and considering what you, oh brother, say: "no one reads your posts because its are long" -which R. A. (these are the initials of a friend of mine) confirmed it occasionally-, but hoping this is useful at least one person, here I publish this post. It has many paragraphs, I hope that you arrive to the end. Or you can tell me how far you arrive in your reading. In passing comment, hehe. Here comes the immediate release:

"Rejoice when you may be subjected to all kinds of test" the Apostle James tells us early in his New Testament letter. Without going into the rare difficulties, which perhaps we have all experienced in some way or another, let's consider that we live more often in our daily relationship with those around us. How many things do we deny and put annoying! Among them, each day, the One who modeled us in our mother's womb, He continues to forge us sweetly as gold is tested in fire, allowing us to walk among some temptations or another.

Every temptation is a trend, a trend which is generated by the tension that occurs when you want to leave a moral dilemma between two options before us: the choice between God or the devil, God or oneself, the Good (God) or evil, truth (God) or lying. These two options are presented when the desire to do good implies a difficulty to oneself, which would be difficult canceled (or postponed) if one choose what he know (or guess) it's wrong. So, in brackets, is important to know the Faith, to know with more certainty what to do and what not to do, what is love and what is selfishness.

Introducing battle against this strain (temptation), the devil tempts us or with the moodiness (not being able to do what we would like, which pleased us), or with sadness (not seeing the good for which we strive.) Keep in mind that thoughts can come from God, as well of ourselves, as of the devil too. Just like God commands us to light through His angels, the devil sends us bad or false thoughts through his demons.

That's why Paul says we have to be happy, and in one of his letters in which he writes to us: "Rejoice in the Lord, I say it again: rejoice" because sadness is not of God. He did not made us to be unhappy, He did not send His Son to die on the cross for us to make us unhappy, but to show us how much He loves us. And He is the truth and can not lie (there are philosophical reasons for this, but I will not discuss here, because I do not do not dwell over what I have already extended). All His work in salvation history was repeating that he loves us. Our history itself, from each of us is part of the history of salvation.

If He made us to be happy, there is no place for sadness. Or if there is, it is for that which brings us closer to God after we turn away from Him. If He made us to be happy, that's what I also mean those words of the Our Father: "Thy will be done on earth as in sky", that is: to be happy (that's what he asks of us and therefore what he wants, ie, it is His Will). We are glad with the joy God wants. But truly happy, not falsely. What remains to be seen is what is meant by joy and happiness, where to find true christian joy and happiness.

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